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Worldspan for Windows 4.1s
Worldspan for Windows has been customized for dial-in users on user-owned equipment. These customers have access to the same Windows functionality as customers with dedicated access, including scripts and Ready Keys. Dial-in users can also take advantage of reservations productivity tools, such as Power Pricing, Power Shopper, Worldspan Tour Source and Cruise Line Source. All that's required for this high-powered, low-cost dial-in product is a PC and modem, a standard telephone line, and the Worldspan for Windows 4.1s software.

For additional information, contact a Worldspan representative at 1-800-743-5781 or e-mail:  

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Worldspan Hotel Select gives you connectivity to information and reservations for hundreds of worldwide hotel chains, representing thousands of individual properties. An array of features enable you to make speedy, reliable bookings.

Hotel AccessPlus (sm) reservations receive instant confirmation numbers at the time of booking, through interactive connections with hotel suppliers.

Worldspan Hotel Source is our most advanced hotel booking product, offering you a direct link into the internal reservations systems of participating hotels for live bookings. Hotel Source gives you the same information about rates, rate rules, availability, services, and amenities that are available through a participating hotelís 800 reservations number.

Integrated Hotel Source Availability is a Worldspan-exclusive and industry-first product. This enhancement provides true availability status obtained directly from a hotel associate's internal reservation system. When a hotel list entry is made, Worldspan sends a message to the Integrated Hotel Source Availability participant. A status code is returned based on the availability status in the associate's system. The status is indicated in a column to the left of the chain code.

Electronic Rate Update allows hotels the ability to electronically update their rates in our system, ensuring that you receive accurate and timely information.

The SecuRate Hotel program allows you to securely store rates which you have negotiated with hotel companies.

WorldPoint (Geocoding) - Worldspan assigns the latitude and longitude to each hotel property in Hotel Select. The latitude and longitude is translated to show the appropriate distance and direction in the hotel list and hotel availability display. Users can retrieve hotel list displays by reference point, city, airport, or zip code. Reference point lists can be retrieved by state, country code or worldwide.

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Worldspan Car Source, an electronic information and car booking system enables participating car rental companies to display real-time rental car information directly through the Worldspan system. Using Car Source, Worldspan travel agents can quickly and efficiently access the same rates and availability data displayed in the car rental company's own reservation system.

In the Car Source environment, you can find complete information on one-way rates, applicable corporate discounts, packages, promotions and even special equipment-all with your initial availability request. You can quote everything to the client right then and there, without extra phone calls to the vendor or your client. With Worldspan Car Source's exclusive functionality, you can even comparison shop for the best corporate discount.

Worldspan Car Select provides availability, booking, pricing, confirmation, and rules for rental car companies worldwide. Car Select also offers multiple rate categories, including corporate, negotiated and promotional, and provides several pricing tools to save time and money. Whether your clients already have a preferred car vendor or are looking for the best value at the time of booking, Car Select provides the tools that allow you to quickly and efficiently research and confirm your travelers' requests.
Car AccessPlus (sm) participation among Worldspan's car associates represents 98 percent of the entire U.S. rental car market. This means you obtain instant confirmations and rate verification at the time of booking through direct communications links to the participants' internal reservations systems. AccessPlus bookings allow you to provide the most reliable service to each and every customer.
  Worldspan Dates & Destinations, Worldspan's Internet Booking Engine (IBE), offers you the opportunity to increase your business through a presence on the World Wide Web. The Dates & Destinations capabilities give your customers
worldwide a means of booking through your own Web site, or communicating directly with your company via an exclusive
Internet address assigned to your company.

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