Travelport Leisure

Travelport, the business services provider to the global travel industry, has made its new one stop leisure portal, Travelport Leisure, available to travel agents in Lebanon.
Travelport Leisure is a portal enabling travel Agents to look and book leisure travel related content including hotels, villas and apartments, tours and excursions, car hire and transfers from  multiple suppliers
Travelport Leisure is accessed via the with the application then picking up the country and directing the agent to the correct release for that market.


Welcome to Gate7 The first company in Lebanon, Middle East, & the Arab countries to introduce the Internet as a safe and efficient communication solution for the CRS.
The fastest growing CRS provider in the region with over 100 account within the first nine months of establishment.
The biggest CRS provider with more than 200 accounts in Lebanon only. We are there to set the pace for others.
Do you want to join or follow us…. Make the right choice!
Gate7 is a travel integration services company established early 1998 with the main target to introduce a new automation technology to Lebanese travel industry.
With WORLDSPAN GDS as a main engine and A-Systems as a communication and technical solution partner, Gate7 was set on track to open a new path for travel agents in Lebanon.
We offer a full automation solution to travel agents that allows them to keep up with today’s needs and tomorrow's expectations.
If you are a new comer to the industry or one of the old giants, we can help you set up the pace and fin tune your operation with cost efficient solution

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First automation ticket in Lebanon:

 On the 4th of  October 2000, Gate7 launched the first automation ticket in Lebanon, in the presence of  IATA representatives....Details