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How to add or modify DOB for booked PNR -1@.1/@DOB….@ Where 1.1 is the PAX number on file
How to modify passenger type code -1@.2*PTC 1.2 is the PAX number
How to get PTC codes HELP PTC  PTC: means passenger type codes
How to get Credit Card codes HELP CCCODES CC means Credit Card
How to get country codes HG*CO  CO: means country
How to get country codes for specific country HG*COD Specifying letter D display all countries that start with D
How to get State code HG*ST ST: means state, same as country it can be requested with specific letter
How to delete CND (Customized Name Date) that is details you added beside the name -1.1@/@ 1.1 is the PAX number
How to display added Customized Name Data *CN  
How to book MK segment for a flight or an extra flight not existed on system 0ME123Y25OCTBEYXYZMK1/15002120@ 1500 & 2120 example represents the departure & arrival time
How to request Bascinet for an Infant 3SAN1.1BSCT Where 1.1 is the ADULT pax number on file
How to send PAX contact to airline 3OSI YY CTCP … YY represent the carrier & CTCP means pax contact
What is the entry to display all passengers holding confirm on specific flight number LD#YY.123/15OCTBEYCDG Note: LW can be used instead of LD to get waiting list bookings
How to know check digit of a specific ticket number 4C*M076….. Note airline code should be mentioned
What is the entry to view flight details for PNR V*  
What is the entry to view flight details for specific segments V**2 2 is the number of segment
How to request Wheel chair 3SAWCHR A: means all segmnets 
How to request Wheel chair for specific PAX 3SAN1.1WCHR Where 1.1 is the PAX number 
How to display promotional rates 4FBEYCDGPR-AF  
How to display detailed rules 4F.R1#ALL 1 is the line number of fare display
What is the entry to add SSR INF to PNR including INF 3SAN1.1INFT-3.1/DOB26JUL2006 Where 1.1 is ADT number 3.1 is the INF number on PNR & DOB should be added as DDMMMYYYY
What is the entry to add SSR INF to PNR including INF specifying DOB in monthes 3SAN1.1INFT-3.1/10MTHS  
How to specify PAX speaks specific language 3SALANG SPEAKS ARABIC ONLY  
How to display CY special rates 4FBEYXYZSR-CY


How to send TKT number as 3SA 3SAN1.1TKNM07612345678901 1.1 is the PAX number & A: represents all segments, note check digit should be added




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Question Entry Notes
What is the entry to know authorized CIP 4G/AT  
How to modify baggage allowance 4P*-G*30K  
How to modify baggage allowance each segments have different allowance 4P*-G-S1/2*30K-S3/4*40K  
How to cancel rules for specific fare basis 4P*--FBC#NRV

FBC: means fare basis codes, price will be change to manually priced PNR

How to price E-TKT as paper 4P*FTP You should be authorized by airline to issue E-TKT as paper
How to make void reverse DD then DDVR1

1 is the item nbr in sales report, IMPORTANT: void reverse applied only for paper TKT

How to check approval code of an issued ticket with credit card DDP*T076………. Or *DH

In *DH it is mentioned in form of Payment

How to delete pricing 4P*@  
How to delete pricing with multiple TR 4-TR@ALL All attached ticketing record will be deleted
How to delete pricing for specific TR 4-TR@1

1 is the number of ticketing record

How to withdrawn & add tax 4P*-WT…#AT….A You can add & remove only up to 4 taxes
How to modify ticketing date of a manually priced PNR 4/@R, 4/D-12NOV,4/, ER  
Get awaiting pricing what to do? Verify the fare then do 4/AOK

To verify the fare use 4*

How to modify baggage ADT/CNN & INF included on same PNR 4P*-GADT/CNN/INF*40K/30K/10K  
How to add miscellaneous form of payment EZT#$MS/CASH INV….  
How to price segmnet selection 4P*S1/2/5/6  
How to price CHILD PNR 4P*PCNN

CNN should be mentioned as PTC

How to override ticketing carrier EZT#ERTK- …

Authority should be taken from airline

Number of characters permitted in Endo box 58 characters distributed on two line 29 characters each separated by *  
How to issue IT TKT EZT#IT…@IT

 @IT blocks the price in fare construction

How to modify ticketing carrier 4P*#CME or 4P*CME

ME: means carrier MEA

Modify tktg carrier and add tax 4P*-AT…A#CME  
How to price CY special rates 4P*FSR  
Price segment selection & modify E-TKT to paper 4P*-S1/3#FTP  
How to know ticket is issued with guaranteed fare Fourth digit in TCN should be 9

TCN: means ticket control number




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Question Answer
Incase the agency has a gap in the E-TKT DD,what shall we advise? Send a letter to BSP.
 IF the agency is issuing E-TKT with all airlines & getting the following response "LINK TO CARRIER NOT RESPONDING - RETRY ENTRY", or could issued the  tkt but while voiding it (same day) getting error MSG. What shall we adivse?  Wait for a short time & try again.
YQ tax for the airlines that are participant in the auto YQ update differs from what the airline is applying, shall the agency apply what 1P is applying as auto-price or must modify the YQ Call Worldspan representative at 03/429686.
If the auto-price applied in 1P is cheaper than the airline fare, shall the agency go for it? Call Worldspan representative at 03/429686.
If the following entry is used 4P*#CXX to change the default validating carrier, shall the price remain guaranteed?  Yes, Guaranteed.
When issuing E-TKT entry & it gives "BP NOT GRANTED" what does this means?  The airline is ignoring this note so you can ignore it as well.
If we don't have at the end of the last AF sector E & E-TKT required what shall we do?  You can issue it as paper TKT.
Shall we cancel our MK bookings issued as E-TKT?

don't cancel memo(MK) booking issued as E_TKT with all airlines.

What are the SSR FOID entries?

With Frequent Flyer 3SSRFOIDXXHK/FFXX123456789-1.1 (Where XX is the airline code)

With Credit Card 3SSRFOIDXXHK/CCXX123456789-1.1 (Where XX is the credit card company code)

With Passport Details 3SSRFOIDXXHK/PPUS1113456789-1.1 (Where XX is the airline code)

How to add the acknowledge entry for MK booking?

.1A/HDQXXPNR (For specific segment, where XX is the airline code followed by the airline pnr)

. (For multiple segments)